Our Services in Milan, IL


Paintless Dent Removal

The removal of small dents, large dents, and creases. This is done using special tools and equipment to gently massage the dents out from the back side of the body panel. This is also done with no damage to your original finish.

Hail Damage Removal

The removal of hail dents to a complete vehicle is done in the same manner as small dents, large dents, and creases. By gently massaging the dents from the back side of the body panels we can restore your vehicle to it's pre-hail condition with no harm to your original finish.

Bumper Dent Reshaping

We can remove dents & indentations from most any bumper that is of the flexible type material. Removal of the bumper may be necessary in some instances.

Professional Buffing of Scratches and Scuffs

We offer professional buffing of scuffs & scratches that are on your paints surface or partially through your finish. We know the limitations of buffing on your finish better than anyone, anywhere.

Professional Paint Touchups

For areas of damage on your vehicle that are to severe to buff, we offer professional touch-ups.