Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page.
Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about our products

What are the benefits of PDR?
The most important benefit is quality. This method is the closest you can get to the dent never happening in the first place. There is no grinding, no fillers, no primers or painting needed because your original factory paint is not disturbed.

Cost is also a major benefit of PDR. Hail damage, door dings & minor dent removal is typically between one third to one half the cost of conventional body shop repairs.

Time savings is yet another advantage. Many dents can be repaired the same day. Hail damage may take 1-3 days.

Environmental concerns are another benefit of PDR. Since this process keeps the original finish on your vehicle there is no need for new paint, chemicals or other toxins used extensively in body shops when repairing dents. PDR is environmentally friendly.

What type of service should I expect from PDR Plus?
You can expect amazing quality and excellent customer service. We welcome any and all questions you may have and would love the opportunity to earn your business and the business of your family and friends

What kinds of dents can you repair?
We can repair most dents on almost any vehicle. We repair hail damage, large dents, small dents, and creases. There are instances where a dent may not be repaired successfully due to either size, depth, location or stretching of the metal. If we believe you have a dent that fits the description, we will let you know during the estimation process.

There are also many instances where we will provide you an option to make a very large dent, a very difficult dent, or a fender bender look 80 or 90 percent better while providing you large savings over traditional body shop repairs.

Can you repair minor collision?
In some cases yes. This decision is based on your own personal preference. The cost of minor collision repairs on a single panel can sometimes meet or exceed some insurance deductibles. However there are many benefits.

These benefits include:
Saving the factor finish and value of your vehicle by not applying fillers & repainting.
By paying "out of pocket" you are saving yourself the possibility of an insurance rate increase.
In most instances we can repair your minor collision in 2 days or less compared to the traditional body shop repair which can take up to 7 days or more to complete.

Can PDR damage my paint?
It is possible to crack paint when performing PDR. At PDR Plus we will take every precaution to ensure your finish is not damaged.

What if my paint was cracked when my dent was made?
Depending on the amount of damage to the paint, PDR may still be the best repair option.

Can a hail claim increase my insurance rates?
Absolutely Not. Many of our PDR clients are afraid to get the hail damage on their vehicle repaired because they think it will increase their insurance rates. Damage that is incurred by mother nature such as hail, wind, tornadoes and other damage inflicted by natural disasters are covered by your comprehensive insurance. Insurance companies will not hold these claims against your insurance record.

I have hail damage to my car, but decided not to get it fixed.. What are my options?
If you choose to forego the hail damage repairs to your vehicle and settle your insurance claim for a cash settlement, a restriction for any unrepaired damage will probably be placed on your insurance policy.

What does this mean?
It means you run the chance of having outstanding unrepaired damage deducted from any future collision or comprehensive claims on your vehicle. If you choose to repair the hail damage to your vehicle later on you must notify your agent to have the restriction removed.

Do you take dents out of bumpers?
Yes! we can repair most dented bumpers. We call this "bumper reshaping", provided that the bumper is of the flexible material variety.

How is PDR estimated?
Estimates are based on the following 3 factors:
Size and sharpness of damage.
Location, difficulty and accessibility of dent(s).
Quantity of dents per panel.

I've got several dents, is there a discount I am eligible for?
Yes! We offer discounts for multiple dents. If your car has a lot of minor dents we will offer a "per car price" that is very reasonable.

Can paintless dent repair help me with lease return vehicle?
We sure can, we remove those dents for a lot less than you will be charged for "excessive wear and tear on your vehicles exterior" if your lease is up soon. Give us a call.. You'll be glad you did.

Can paintless dent repair help me sell my car?
Ever heard the saying "image is everything"? Most people judge a car by it's appearance. If it looks good, they assume it's been well taken care of. Used car dealers and wholesalers know this. They also know what they spend on paintless dent repair will increase the price of the car and will help them sell the car more quickly. If you're selling your car, paintless dent repair is one of the best ways to get top dollar.